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Far-reaching changes are taking place in farming and the food chain.  Public concerns are generating radical shifts in the way food is produced and reaches consumers.  Both policy makers at every level and commercial stakeholders along the food chain in Europe and more widely face pressures for:-  

Achieving these without sacrificing the economic gains from improved efficiency is what genuine sustainable agriculture is all about.  In the developing world the need to tackle hunger and poverty by increasing food production and raising incomes remain the priorities - again sustainability is the key.

The safe and sensible use of new technologies must play a crucial role: without this progress will be impossible.

Agronomica has been established to provide information and consultancy on all aspects of science-based sustainable agriculture worldwide.  It aims to serve commercial and public sector clients by offering:-


Agronomica is strongly committed to promoting the role of science-based sustainable agriculture in protecting the environment and conserving precious natural resources.